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How can we help you?

جددنالك أوليكس دوس هنا

What are prohibited ads on OLX?

We are at OLX try to keep the selling and buying experience smooth and safe for both parties.


That's why we are banning some items, words, and jobs to be available on our platform.

  • All the items that are not allowed to be bought or sold by the law are not allowed on our website as well.
  • All the Items that could lead to direct or indirect harm are not allowed.
  • All the Items without legit ownership papers (if required) are not allowed.
  • All the Jobs or services that promote or includes illegal job description or indecency are not allowed.
  • All the words that are inappropriate or indecent.

As an Example and not limited to:


Drugs Original ancient statues
location devices Siren with all Kinds
private secretary Microscope and telescope more than 1 kilo
girls for massage Self-defense devices
vitamin capsules Cars, motorcycles or motor vehicles without a paper of  ownership
enlarging or shrinking body parts devices Military files
fireworks Pay pal account
supplements  Egyptian coins more than one hundred years
Masary machine Buying or selling customer data
VX machine in telecom companies or in banks
Aman machine model searching for a job
Fawry machine normal cigarettes
Equipment for underground metal detectors  Hawks, wild cats, snakes, and eagles
All kinds of weapons mercury and alcohol
Piranha fish Wireless communication equipment with a range of more than 4 kilometers
current currencies drugs capsules for pets
Magic Books house jobs without details like ( maids or housekeeping )
It does not allow the landing of endangered animals and forbidden hunting or skins such as the owl, falcon, marine turtle, crocodile, tiger, squirrel, Hedgehog  falcons hunter
Parts of the body or Organs of the body Taxi Counter
marriage services office Coral reefs
Land laying hands Jobs for those under the age of 18 are not accepted even if they are looking for work 
Nano Card to provide Electricity wax, Moroccan bath, or sweet at home
Nunchaku companies provide workers for sale or getting them from outside the country in front of money
requested clothes for donation models wanted for advertisement or photo session 
used underwears Any ads that contain words of racial, sexual
not allowed to publish maids or nannies for sale in all countries El mamora card
Sponsor required  Sponsor as service 
Receivers that open any encrypted channels