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How can we help you?

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How to get more responses to my ad?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the sale of an item, here are some pointers you may check to help get more responses for your ad:


- You may use one of our paid services :


The 1st - Bump up service
Now you can re-post your ad once a day automatically for 7 or 3 days (according to the bundle) by using “Bump up” new paid service, it will make your ad at the first of its category once a day.
This service is activated 24 hours after buying it and the ad will be refreshed at the same time you bought the service.
You may pay through mobile credit, Fawry service, or credit card. Please tap here to know more about payment methods.


The 2nd - Feature ad service

It is a premium service from OLX allows your ad to be one of the first four top ads in its category for 7 days. The ad will move around the category pages and alternatively with other featured ads.  Tap here to now more about “Featured ads”Both services are available in all categories except for “Services” category. Please tap here to know more about “Payment ways”.


- Price: Maybe your price is too high. Compare the price of your ad with other similar ads on the website. If yours is significantly higher we recommend you to try and lower it so you can attract more interested users.

- Photos: Make your ad more attractive by adding photos to your ad. Make sure you add good,relevant,clear and real photos of the item you are selling.
-Description: Try to type as much information as you can in the item's description. (i.e: size, color, dimensions , where you got it from and why are you selling it.)  
- Chat: Always check your OLX chat inbox as you might receive offers throw it. click here to check your messages 

- Phone number: Make sure that your phone number is showing on your ad (not hidden). Most users prefer to call the advertiser directly. We do not share your contact information with our users, so unless you choose to show your number, they will not be able to contact you by telephone.

- Email: OLX responses may be ending up in your junk mail folder, so make sure you check your junk folder.
Tap here to edit your ad now.